SML Exfoliating Gel 200G

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SML Exfoliating Gel



【SML Exfoliating Gel】 质地细腻柔和,不含磨砂颗粒,能温和去除肌肤粗糙老废角质,促进肌肤新陈代谢。蕴含多种植物萃取精华,调动肌肤蕴涵的勃发水能量,给予肌肤温柔滋养与呵护,令干燥、粗糙的肌肤恢复水盈透亮,时刻保持柔嫩润泽。


SML Exfoliating Gel

soft and smooth texture, does not contain frosted particles, can gently by exfoliating, as well as promotes skin metabolism. Contains a variety of plant extracts, reconditions the moisture in the deep layers, provides the skin with gentle nourishment and care, restoring moisture to the dry, rough skin, keeping it soft and hydrated.

 Content  : 200g


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